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Usage Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions are with effect from 25 March 2019.
Last revised : 25 March 2019.
IngeniousApplications reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and privacy policy listed in this page without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check back frequently to ensure you do not miss out on changes.
Copyright © 2019, IngeniousApplications. This copyright is enforced under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore


1. Terms and Effective Dates

IngeniousApplications ("we") values you as our customer. In order to make sure service provided by us are the best, please read this agreement, which incorporates your rights as a customer("you") of us.
We would like to make sure that you understand what you can or cannot do when using our services, what to expect, and also clearly understand what we collect from you and also what are our rights. These policies and terms of services acts as an agreement that you agree to when using any of our services.

As used in this agreement, "IngeniousApplications","we","us","our" and grammatical varients thereof means IngeniousApplications. "Customer", "you","your" and grammatical varients thereof refers to you. This agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use to any of our applications and / or assets ("services"). By using the services you agree to be bound by this agreement. we reserve the right to change or modify this document at any time and from time to time in our sole discretion, and to determine if the old sets of conditions will be applicable to both existing and future customers.

IngeniousApplications is a company based in Singapore. As such, all Singapore Government laws will apply to our organisation, even though our organisation has not been officially registered through the government of the Republic of Singapore.
2. Usage Terms of Services

By using our services you agree that :
- You are not allowed to use any malicious / hacked clients to modify any of our applications in order to gain a significant advantage over other users;
- We are not responsible for any injury, damage, death or collateral damage caused by the usage of our services.;
- You should exercise discretion and common sense when using our services.
- Any attempt to spam our server(s) with packet(s) and / or uploading any mailcious software onto our systems are prohibited and may result in a suspension from using our services.

IngeniousApplications shall have the final say in all cases.
3. Payments

Products sold on our Carousell Page are subject to Carousell's terms of service.
For products that are not sold through carousell, payment is done either through stripe, paypal or patreon either directly to the respective staff member or to the organistation. Payment through these gateways are strictly subjected to the respective gateway(s) terms and conditions.

Stripe and Paypal payments are one time. If you get double-charged or charged inappropropriately, DO NOT contact us. Contact either Stripe Support or Paypal Support. We have zero control over how they charge your credit card / bank account.
Patreon payments are recurring. To stop them, cancel your pledge through patreon. DO NOT contact us to stop your recurring payment. If you lose access to your patreon account and want to stop the payments, contacting your local bank's support is a better alternative.
If you have stopped your pledge however got charged, please contact Patreon support, not us.
For patreon payments, please make sure you select the correct tier before checkout. NO REFUND is provided if you choose the wrong tier.

For all our products, there is NO REFUND provided.

IngeniousApps shall not be held liable for any dissatisfaction, damages, loss, injury or inconvenience arising from any of our products.

4. Legal Consent

By adding any of your data into our services you consent to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, enacted in 2012.

However, as of today, none of our services store any data from you, the end user.

You also agree not to deliberately damage our reputation in the event we decide to deny you usage of any of our services due to a Terms of Service Violation. If deemed necessary, IngeniousApplications will report cases of such nature to the relevant authorities. You agree to follow our terms of services, and if you fail to do so, IngeniousApplications have the final say in any decisions to be made against you and you are to accept the decisions as is.
5. Data Collection

As of this version of the Terms and Conditions, no data of yours is collected by any of our services.
6. Advertising

Some of our webpages use Google Adsense to show advertisements. Do take note that IngeniousApplications will bear no responsibility for any of the advertisements shown through the Adsense widget. If any advertisement is inappropriate, please contact the Google Adsense Administrators instead of us.
IngeniousApplications stores NO advertising data. The algorithms that determine which advertisements to show you are all managed by Google Adsense.
We do not offer quotes for advertisement on our website directly.
7. Rights of IngeniousApplications

By using any of our services, you consent to agree to these terms and services.
Any violation of our terms and services may result in you being denied usage of any of our services.
Depending on the severity of the violation of our terms and services, IngeniousApplications reserve the rights to contact any relevant authorities if deemed necessary.
8. Custom Services

IngeniousApplications provide custom services for our customers. When you request for a custom service, the respective staff member in charge of providing the custom service will quote a price, and you have the full rights to reject. Bear in mind that you are not being forced to accept the quote and you can reject it. If you aceept it, you are responsible in paying the full price in United States Dollars (USD) as stated in the quotation.
When using our custom service, do take note:
- For services which the code is given to you, credit MUST BE GIVEN TO THE AUTHOR regardless. Failure to comply may result in the work being taken down under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Laws and regulations.
- We reserve the right to decide if maintenance will be provided for your custom services. We reserve the rights to charge a maintenance fee for each maintenance as accordingly.
9. Copyright Material

All products by IngeniousApplications and its staff members are subject to copyright.
For materials in our assets, while every effort has been made to trace copyright owner(s), we have been unsuccessfull in some cases. If we have copyrighted material that you own on any of our assets and you wish to have them removed, please email us at [email protected] and we will get it removed within 3 working days.

Cookies Usage

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You must agree to allowing us to use cookies in order to use this website. This is essential to ensure that the best service is provided to all users.
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Copyright, 2019, IngeniousApplications. All Rights Reserved.
IngeniousApps reserves the rights to modify / amend these terms and conditions and privacy policy without prior notice.