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Usage Terms and Conditions


Terms of Service

This version last updated 4 June 2019, 0149hrs GMT


By using any of IngeniousApplication’s(“IA”) Services you hereby agree to these terms of service and any rules and regulations contained herein.



Usage of IngeniousApps Services constitutes to the terms and conditions stated herein. You are hereby bound to the terms stated in this page.

For the entire document, “IngeniousApps”, “IngeniousApplications” or “IA” all mean the same thing - IngeniousApplications.


  1. Terms and Effective Dates

IngeniousApplications ("we") values you as our customer. In order to make sure service provided by us are the best, please read this agreement, which incorporates your rights as a customer("you") of us.
We would like to make sure that you understand what you can or cannot do when using our services, what to expect, and also clearly understand what we collect from you and also what are our rights. These policies and terms of services acts as an agreement that you agree to when using any of our services.

As used in this agreement, "IngeniousApplications","we","us","our" and grammatical varients thereof means IngeniousApplications. "Customer", "you","your" and grammatical varients thereof refers to you. This agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use to any of our applications and / or assets ("services"). By using the services you agree to be bound by this agreement. we reserve the right to change or modify this document at any time and from time to time in our sole discretion, and to determine if the old sets of conditions will be applicable to both existing and future customers.

  1. Usage Terms of Service

By using any of IA’s Services you agree that all game data / user data for our applications saved and stored by us are hereby owned and managed by IA. This does not apply to any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The usage, protection and disclosure of PII is hugely based on the IAccount Terms and Conditions stated in clause 7. To view the definition of personal data, please visit https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/Legislation-and-Guidelines/Personal-Data-Protection-Act-Overview.


By using our services you agree that :
- You are not allowed to use any malicious / hacked clients to modify any of our applications in order to gain a significant advantage over other users

- The IA Community Moderators are here to Ensure safety and the compliance to our terms of service. Their decision will be final. In the event that you feel that they have not handled the situation properly or appropriately, you may feel free to email any Executive Committee Member, either XtremeCoder (DPO/CEO) at [email protected] or Hightech_TR (COO) at [email protected] . Please give them the due respect they deserve.

- We are not responsible for any injury, damage, death or collateral damage caused by the usage of our services.

- You should exercise discretion and common sense when using our services.
- Any attempt to spam our server(s) with packet(s) and / or uploading any mailcious software onto our systems are prohibited and may result in a suspension from using our services.

- You shall not attempt to destroy our reputation through spreading false rumours. In the event you are found spreading false rumours with the intention of destroying our reputation, you will be suspended from all our services.

In the event of a dispute / negotiation of anything of such nature, IngeniousApplications shall have the final say in all cases.


  1. Acceptable Use Policy

Services we provide to you, either free or paid, should not be abused. You agree to use our services in a ethical manner.

Our Acceptable Use Policy is placed in order to ensure that our services are not abused, and is applicable for all services and games that are offered by IngeniousApplications. Before using our services, please read the Acceptable Use Policy:

The limits on your usage is as follows :

-       Number of save requests. You are limited to a maximum of 1 save request every 5 seconds. This does not apply to our games that implement autosave. This is to ensure that our server is not spammed consistently with huge chunks of data.

-       Number of queries to our API. While our API implements a ratelimit, deliberately attempting to spam the server to the maximum of the ratelimit or attempting to bypass the ratelimit is forbidden.


If deemed necessary, we will suspend you from all our services.


  1. Legal Consent

By using our services, you hereby agree that you are over 13 years of age.

If you are paying for anything, you should also Ensure that you are above 16 years of age, or the legal age that your country imposed for you to be able to own a bank account.

At any point of time we realise that you breach this legal consent, your account may be terminated.


  1. Data Collection


To enhance your experience in IngeniousApps, we collect data to determine the contents shown to you.

Any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) collected are governed by the Terms and Conditions stated in Clause 7 of this page.

Data we collect are:

-       Gaming Activity (example, the most frequent times you play our games, the most frequent gamemode, players you commonly play with, etc)

-       App Activity (example, what you do most with our apps)

-       Site Browsing Information. When you access our site, Information is recorded by the Google Analytics System. For more information, visit Google Analytics Help.


  1. IA Services

We provide services to our customers that are meant to enhance their experience in various platforms or help them with their work. Our services are listed in the services page.

All services are subject to the conditions stated herein.

By using our services you agree that

-       You shall give credit whenever appropriate. Do not claim the work of another person as your work. (Copyright will still be owned by you)

-       For any coding based service the code will be given to you. However, hosting is not provided. If you want hosting, an extra charge of $20/mth is required. Once you stop the payment, the host will stop as well. If you choose hosting, you can also choose not to receive the code, and further discounts will be given

-       Much as our services are to help you with your work, do not use our work to do any form of assignment assigned to you by your local institutions / company.

-       The staff member who is in charge of doing the service will get 100% of the payment. As such, payment is done directly to the staff member. Please negotiate with the staff member on how you would like to pay. Do take note IAccount accepts payments for our applications, not our services.

-       Pricing negotiation will be done with the staff member through email or phone.

-       For feedback about any staff member regarding the services provided, please email [email protected] or feedback through our Google Business Page. (Search IngeniousApps on google and you will see it)


  1. IAccount (Privacy Policy)

IAccount is an account system implemented by IngeniousApps for IngeniousApps.

As of the publication of these terms of service, there are no plans to implement a publicised OAUTH2 flow.

The usage of IAccount are bound to the terms stated here in this section.

a.    General Usage and Purpose

The purpose of the IAccount is to allow you to have one Account for use with All IA Services. This account allows you to;

-       Save your game data and app data with any IA Application

-       Settle Billing with IngeniousApps for things requiring payments (ie. In game Credit Purchase, License Purchasing

b.    Personal Data Collection Consent

By creating an IAccount, you hereby consent to the following terms:

-       You allow us to collect your personal data and use them solely to enhance your experience with us.

-       No personal data will be disclosed by us to any individual, except for payment purposes. During payment, your Name and Email Address is disclosed to Stripe, which handles the payment processes for us. This is solely used to identify the person who paid for the store credits as accordingly. Apart from that, no other information is disclosed to other individuals and / or organisations.

-       Personal Data that we collect, and the reasons are :

-       Name : For verification Purposes Only

-       Username : Login Purposes

-       Email : Login and verification purposes only

-       Phone Number : 2-Factor Verification Only

-       Birth Date : Birthday offers only

-       The methods we use to collect your personal data are :

-       The IAccount website, when you enter your information into the field(s) provided.

-       Third parties or publicly available sources. We may receive Personal Data about you from various third parties (such as through our agents) and public sources, including financial and transaction data from providers of technical, payment and delivery services.

-       Automated technologies or interactions. As you interact with our Platforms, we may automatically collect technical data about your equipment, browsing actions and patterns. We collect this data by using cookies, server logs and other similar technologies. The foregoing technologies are required to allow certain functions on our Platforms (where applicable) to function.

-       At any point you wish to withdraw your consent, please delete your IAccount. The IAccount Delete function can be found at the Security Menu of Account Management.

-       You may, at any time, email us to request for a copy of all your personal data that is in our possession, and how the data has been used recently.

-       At any time any personal data given is wrong, you may change it through the IAccount Account Management Menu. Birth Date cannot be changed. Set the correct birth date when you create your IAccount.

If you do not consent, do not create an IAccount. Creation of the IAccount will mean you consent to these terms.

Whilst we will use all reasonable efforts to safeguard your Personal Data, please note that the use of the Internet and/or our Platforms cannot be made entirely secure and we therefore are unable to guarantee the security or integrity of any Personal Data which is transferred from you or to you via the Platforms.

c.     Data Protection Officer

At any point of time you wish to enquire about our data policies, you may contact our Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer is in charge of securing all personal data collected by us. Information of the Data Protection Officer of IA is shown below :


Tay Chee Hean, Elton (Mr)

Data Protection Officer - IngeniousApplications


[email protected]


  1. Payments

Content in this section is about payments made to IA by the IAccount system.

Payments made to individual staff for services are not subject to terms stated herein. It is your responsibility, when negotiating and discussing with staff, to ensure that any details given to the staff / received from the staff is well protected and safeguarded.


All Payments Made to IA Are subject to the following conditions:

-       IA does not store any credit card information. IAccount’s payment system is powered by Stripe. Everytime payment is to be made to IAccount, no direct payment is accepted. Payment for IA services MUST BE DONE by IA Store Credits, which can be topped up.

-       IA Store Credits can be topped up through the IAccount Management Menu. When topping up, you will be redirected to Stripe to make your payment. Security during the payment process is not managed by us, but by stripe. If you would like to know more about the security measures to ensure billing is secure, please contact Stripe, not us. Upon completion, you will be redirected back to IngeniousApps and then, your credits will be available.

-       No information about your stripe account will be stored by IA in any way. All data in your stripe account are subject to Stripe’s privacy policy.

-       Any payment made are also subject to Stripe’s terms and conditions other then these sets of conditions

-       Store Credits topped up are NON REFUNDABLE in any way.

-       Any payment made for IA Products through Store Credits are permanent. No reimbursement for Store Credits will be provided.


  1. One-Time Donations

One time donations are appreciated. As of now, one time donations can be made through https://paypal.me/whgtay (Will be changing by 1 year). All donations made through the URL are subject to paypal’s terms of service.

IngeniousApplications reserve the rights to change, amend or modify this terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time. It is your responsibility to check frequently for the latest version.



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