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Started on December 2018, IngeniousApplications is the home of advanced, Ingenious Apps. Here, we develop all sorts of Ingenious Apps! Our applications help enhance tons of lives daily and give some people entertainment too! We also have lots of other things, such as IA Gaming. We also do offer custom services! There would defenitely be something for you.

When Quality is Crucial

Award Winning Programmers

All our programmers have won awards in programming competitions, major or minor.

Ad Free

Do you hate ads? We do, too!

At IngeniousApplications, Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. We hate ads - and we believe that all our customers will hate ads as well. As such, we decided to go Ad-Free! We do not get any income from advertising, and thus, we effectively do not show any advertisements!

As a result, our expense is fully paid by our owner, XtremeCoder. If you're interested to donate to help us, Click Here.


To ensure we enhance the lives of all our customers, and leave them satisfied with our services.


Customer Satisfaction should be placed ahead of anything else, including profits.

Powerful Servers

Our applications are hosted on powerful servers, which can hold huge amount of traffic while delivering the best performance!

IAccount - The Next Generation

IAccount is a very powerful system designed by IngeniousApps. With this account, you can do almost everything with IA. Payments, Syncing Game Data, and much more.

We work on Websites, too!

Despite our Name, IngeniousApps, we don't only work on softwares - We also work on Web-based Applications! These applications are accessible from the internet, thus you can get to use them on any device that can access the internet, without downloading anything!

Awards Winning Developers

Our Applications are made by Award Winning Developers - and as such, you can expect the best quality applications from us.


All Data that are with us are encrypted - so you don't have to worry about your data becoming exposed!

High Security

At IngeniousApps, Security is our topmost priority. For all our services, we guarantee high security, to protect your Personal Data.


High Quality Applications by us

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Staff Members

Staff Members

Below are our staff members that work for IngeniousApps, allowing us to be what we are today.