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About Us

Started on December 2018, IngeniousApplications is the home of advanced applications. Here, we develop all sorts of Ingenious Apps! Our applications help enhance tons of lives daily and give some people entertainment too! We also have lots of other things, such as IA Gaming and IA Podcasts.We also do offer custom services! There would defenitely be something for you. A list of applications by us can be found at this page or this page (for sub-websites).

Some of our popular projects

Discord Bots
Discord Modmail

Discord Modmail

This modmail bot is basically a bot where users DM. Then, the bot relays the messages to channels created in the staff / mail guilds, where staff members can thus reply. This integrates the concept of Dragory's Modmail bot.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

TeamSG CR / COC Tracker

This tracker is a simple web application to track donations. However, what is so special?
Unlike other web applications, the backend of this tracker is not JavaScript. This website is powered by Python. (In fact, the entire IA website is python.)

Real World Context


Check the next bus service arriving at your local bus stop. This simple web app in beta is capable of fetching the timings, locations and type of the next bus arriving at your bus stop. Just enter your bus stop code and the bus number (if searching for location), and the information will be delivered to you!