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MapleStorySEA Discord Bot

A python bot to serve MapleSEA Players, and the MapleSEA Discord Community

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MapleStorySEA is a bot specifically designed to serve the MapleSEA Community, and Maplestory players.
Some coooool features it has :
- Find anything about MapleStory. This can be a quest, a boss, a character, an item or anything!
- [MapleSEA] Receive reminders of events such as Sunday Maple in the MapleStorySEA official server
- [MapleSEA] Get latest patch / event notes, latest announcements, updates and such from the Game Masters! (Info sourced directly from website)
- [MapleSEA] Check the latest game version!
Feedback is appreciated, to suggest a feature run m!suggest [feature], to suggest a bug run m!bug [bug]. Enjoy using the bot!

Use the bot in the MapleSEA Community Discord!

SGNextBus Beta

Find out the next bus arriving at your local bus stop.

  • Flask
  • 99.99% Uptime Website
  • Dynamic and Accurate Information

This simple web app in beta is capable of fetching the timings, locations and type of the next bus arriving at your bus stop. Just enter your bus stop code and the bus number (if searching for location), and the information will be delivered to you!
SGNextBus will be part of the soon-to-be SGOneTrans Application.

Access the webpage

Any suggestions? Drop us a suggestion by email or discord! (Links below)