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MapleStorySEA Discord Bot

A python bot to serve MapleSEA Players, and the MapleSEA Discord Community

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MapleStorySEA is a bot specifically designed to serve the MapleSEA Community, and Maplestory players.
Some coooool features it has :
- Find anything about MapleStory. This can be a quest, a boss, a character, an item or anything!
- [MapleSEA] Receive reminders of events such as Sunday Maple in the MapleStorySEA official server
- [MapleSEA] Get latest patch / event notes, latest announcements, updates and such from the Game Masters! (Info sourced directly from website)
- [MapleSEA] Check the latest game version!
Feedback is appreciated, to suggest a feature run m!suggest [feature], to suggest a bug run m!bug [bug]. Enjoy using the bot!

Use the bot in the MapleSEA Community Discord!