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Other IngeniousApps Websites

Here, we list a list of other websites owned and managed by IngeniousApplications.

TeamSG Tracker

Tracking our member's donations.

Unlike other Clash Royale / Clash Of Clans Clans, TeamSG has a strict policy when it comes to member contributions.

As such, we developed our own donation tracker, to track the donations of our members.

About The Tracker

This tracker is a simple web application to track donations. However, what is so special?
Unlike other web applications, the backend of this tracker is not JavaScript. This website is powered by Python. (In fact, the entire IA website is python.)

SGNextBus Beta

Check the next bus service arriving at your local bus stop

This simple web app in beta is capable of fetching the timings, locations and type of the next bus arriving at your bus stop. Just enter your bus stop code and the bus number (if searching for location), and the information will be delivered to you!


This application is in beta, feedback would be appreciated!