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Website Fixes

2018 / 12 / 14 at 13:11 UTC

Hello Everyone,

A couple of announcements today:

1. The twitter URL is now fixed. There was an issue with the twitter URL and is now rectified.

2. We now have Instagram. The link can be found below all the pages. For the sake of this announcement, it's here --> fhttps://www.instagram.com/ingeniousapplications/

3. Be sure to join our discord, at https://discord.gg/DTpyPXF.

4. The 404 Page's footer has been fixed.

5. The products page no longer lists all our projects. It lists the major ones. For the minor ones, it can be found at our github links (https://github.com/IngeniousCoder or https://github.com/IngeniousApplications ). However, with effect from this announcement, any new minor project will be posted as a update here, so that you all can be aware <3


An important reminder that our Terms and Conditions has been updated. Still, IngeniousApplications reserves the rights to update the term and conditions as we see fit without prior notice.

Thats all for today,


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