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IA Rework Update - November 2019

2019 / 11 / 06 at 04:45 UTC

Hello all,

It has been a while since the last update on the IA Rework, so here are some things we have changed and what will come out soon.

IA Web 3.0

This has got to be one of the largest projects in the IA Rework. Many people really want us to release the website as soon as possible. However, we must delay the process due to legal obligations. We are planning on how to release the new website, but the most likely method is to either release it as a beta, or release it fully while shelving IAccount.

Speaking of IAccount...

This is the main problem that is holding us back from releasing IA 3.0. This is mainly due to complications with adhering to data protection rules in Singapore (Personal Data Protection Act 2012). Again, we are still planning on what to do with this.

How about the Applications page?

You may have noticed that only one application remains on the page. We have removed the other applications due to our new standards of operation. We will reintroduce them slowly in the future, so do not worry if your favourite application has suddenly been snapped out of existence.

Staff Changes

We have had staff members coming and going throughout our operation. Currently, we have 6 staff members: XtremeCoder, Hightech_TR, Dr.Alestie, ErnKiew, Silverwolv and richtigsaurer. We do not have many staff members, and we have also closed application of new staff to keep it this way until official registration. A tip of the hat to our former staff members as well, yangamer567 and Roxy, for their efforts during the time they had spent in IA.

How has the Game Committee changed?

The Game Comm, originally started by Roxy, has undergone many many changes since its introduction. With Hightech_TR heading the department, new streaming standards have been put into effect to improve the quality of our streams. The streamers have also gotten an update, with the current streamer line-up being Hightech_TR (Minecraft, Deltarune, Borderlands 2), Silverwolv (Identity V, Call of Duty), Dr.Alestie (Rainbow Six Siege, Arma 3, Squad) and, returning to IA Gaming, XtremeCoder (Identity V, MapleStory).

At this point of time, this is all that has changed. We will surely look into a bright future for IngeniousApplications, and we will certainly make this the Home of Advanced Applications.


Joel (Hightech_TR)

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