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Another Milestone Achieved

2019 / 03 / 24 at 12:24 UTC

Hello Everyone,

Today, we have some MAJOR announcements coming up! (People in discord, sorry for a second everyone tag.)

1. Top Result in google.

As of 23 March 2019, 1816 hours, we have confimed that when you search for "IngeniousApps" in Google, Bing or Google, we are now the top result! (We used to be the forth) Congratulations everyone, and we will be having some parties soon!

2. Domain Change.

Much as the current domain is not depreciated yet (it will be by 2 months), we have changed to a new domain. The new domain is ingeniousapps.net, and it is HTTPS Supported. As such, from today, please access the website by https://www.ingeniousapps.net.

3. Potential new Series - IA Podcasts

We are planning to create IA Podcasts soon. Details will be released soon.




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