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IA Gaming is Here!

2019 / 03 / 20 at 08:54 UTC

Hello Everyone,

If you've logged in to our page for the past few days, you would have realised an addition in our header - Gaming.


Well, we haven't gave a legitmate announcement for this, so its here, NOW!

What is IA Gaming?

Simple - We play games! We livestream, create content videos on our youtube channel. We also discuss about games in our discord server, too!

View Our Schedule!


Our schedule can be viewed by the public at our Calendar.

Join Us!


You are more then welcomed to join our livestreams! Join our discord server for reminders before livestreams. When we are livestreaming, join in the live chat, and when we ask for the public to join us and play, go ahead and join us!

Sponsor our streams!

If you are interested to sponsor our streams, please contact [email protected] to negotiate. You're more then welcomed to sponsor us, and your advertisements will also be posted in our streams. Prices start from as low as $5 USD.

If only interested to support us so that we can keep this going, feel free to, either by one-time donation or recurring donations. By supporting, you will get a shoutout in our next livestream, too!


Visit https://www.ingeniousapps.net/games for more information!


- XtremeCoder

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