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Hello World!

2018 / 11 / 30 at 08:16 UTC

It’s a reality!

After 3+ Months of planning, this website is now a reality! Now the internet can finally know about us, IngeniousApplications.

IngeniousApps was started in about August 2018 by two Programmer-Gamers : yangamer567, and XtremeCoder. We aim to create as many apps as possible which can benefit the society.

With the start of this organisation, we placed some apps that XtremeCoder made before as part of IngeniousApps. Then, we now work on corporate projects to be placed in our websites officially.

Well, we’re still starting, and here are some plans of ours that are yet to become a reality :
-> A Minecraft Server
-> SGNextBus
-> TeamSG Website
-> clash.py
-> Couple of games
(A list can be found at our home page).

With this, we have afforded a Server to host all our stuff, our game servers, websites, and almost everything basically. So now, let’s develop the site!

This website is still work-in-progress. A new update will be posted after the completion.

Now, feel free to explore our website (some pages are not done yet tho), and if you want, invest some money for us to offset our operating costs and stuff, follow us on Twitter, and anything you can to help support us monetarily, emotionally, or anything! Enjoy all our current creations (Liam, CPU Monitor and Song Downloader, links at home page, source on Github links below), and stay tuned for updates!

Check back frequently for latest updates!

- XtremeCoder

Why Choose IngeniousApps?

  • Cool and clean apps
  • Literally no lag
  • Frequently Updated
  • Quick Support