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IA Rework Update - November 2019

2019 / 11 / 06 at 04:45 UTC

Hello all,

It has been a while since the last update on the IA Rework, so here are some things we have changed and what will come out soon.

IA Web 3.0

This has got to be one of the largest projects in the IA Rework. Many people really want us to release the website as soon as possible. However, we must delay the process due to legal obligations. We are planning on how to release the new website, but the most likely method is to either release it as a beta, or release it fully while shelving IAccount.

Speaking of IAccount...

This is the main problem that is holding us back from releasing IA 3.0. This is mainly due to complications with adhering to data protection rules in Singapore (Personal Data Protection Act 2012). Again, we are still planning on what to do with this.

How about the Applications page?

You may have noticed that only one application remains on the page. We have removed the other applications due to our new standards of operation. We will reintroduce them slowly in the future, so do not worry if your favourite application has suddenly been snapped out of existence.

Staff Changes

We have had staff members coming and going throughout our operation. Currently, we have 6 staff members: XtremeCoder, Hightech_TR, Dr.Alestie, ErnKiew, Silverwolv and richtigsaurer. We do not have many staff members, and we have also closed application of new staff to keep it this way until official registration. A tip of the hat to our former staff members as well, yangamer567 and Roxy, for their efforts during the time they had spent in IA.

How has the Game Committee changed?

The Game Comm, originally started by Roxy, has undergone many many changes since its introduction. With Hightech_TR heading the department, new streaming standards have been put into effect to improve the quality of our streams. The streamers have also gotten an update, with the current streamer line-up being Hightech_TR (Minecraft, Deltarune, Borderlands 2), Silverwolv (Identity V, Call of Duty), Dr.Alestie (Rainbow Six Siege, Arma 3, Squad) and, returning to IA Gaming, XtremeCoder (Identity V, MapleStory).

At this point of time, this is all that has changed. We will surely look into a bright future for IngeniousApplications, and we will certainly make this the Home of Advanced Applications.


Joel (Hightech_TR)

Another Milestone Achieved

2019 / 03 / 24 at 12:24 UTC

Hello Everyone,

Today, we have some MAJOR announcements coming up! (People in discord, sorry for a second everyone tag.)

1. Top Result in google.

As of 23 March 2019, 1816 hours, we have confimed that when you search for "IngeniousApps" in Google, Bing or Google, we are now the top result! (We used to be the forth) Congratulations everyone, and we will be having some parties soon!

2. Domain Change.

Much as the current domain is not depreciated yet (it will be by 2 months), we have changed to a new domain. The new domain is ingeniousapps.net, and it is HTTPS Supported. As such, from today, please access the website by https://www.ingeniousapps.net.

3. Potential new Series - IA Podcasts

We are planning to create IA Podcasts soon. Details will be released soon.




IA Gaming is Here!

2019 / 03 / 20 at 08:54 UTC

Hello Everyone,

If you've logged in to our page for the past few days, you would have realised an addition in our header - Gaming.


Well, we haven't gave a legitmate announcement for this, so its here, NOW!

What is IA Gaming?

Simple - We play games! We livestream, create content videos on our youtube channel. We also discuss about games in our discord server, too!

View Our Schedule!


Our schedule can be viewed by the public at our Calendar.

Join Us!


You are more then welcomed to join our livestreams! Join our discord server for reminders before livestreams. When we are livestreaming, join in the live chat, and when we ask for the public to join us and play, go ahead and join us!

Sponsor our streams!

If you are interested to sponsor our streams, please contact [email protected] to negotiate. You're more then welcomed to sponsor us, and your advertisements will also be posted in our streams. Prices start from as low as $5 USD.

If only interested to support us so that we can keep this going, feel free to, either by one-time donation or recurring donations. By supporting, you will get a shoutout in our next livestream, too!


Visit https://www.ingeniousapps.net/games for more information!


- XtremeCoder


2019 / 03 / 13 at 12:35 UTC

Hello Everyone,

If you’ve noticed, we have a new page at our header - the Jobs Page!

We are now looking for Human people to work for us. If you are interested, please visit the Jobs page to learn more about it!




2019 / 03 / 07 at 12:28 UTC

Hello All,

Please take note of our events calendar, accessible by the above navigation bar.

The colour codes are as follows :

Light Blue - Official Major Event

Green - Staff Event

Red - Application Release / Major Update

Orange - Achieved Milestone

Purple - Staff Event (with Public)

Pink - Misc





2019 / 03 / 03 at 03:49 UTC

Greetings everyone,

We've recently updated all our dependencies to the latest versions. As such, bugs may surface. Please help to ensure sufficient testing (main website https://www.ingeniousapps.net) and report all bugs to us either by our discord (https://www.ingeniousapps.net/discord) or by email (to [email protected])



Discord Server Switch

2019 / 03 / 01 at 12:33 UTC

Hello Everyone,

Due to unforseen circumstances, we have switched our discord server.

To join our new discord server, please visit https://www.ingeniousapps.net/discord. 

Thank You,


Looking for Staff

2019 / 01 / 31 at 11:11 UTC

Hey Everyone,

IngeniousApplications is now looking for staff members to help with the operation of the company.

We are looking for Manager roles (1 position only) and Staff Roles

We are also looking for staff for Partnership, Marketing and Sales, Event and Customer Service Staff Members.

Below States the requirements and perks (if applicable) of each role.

P.S. Do take note that being a staff member of IngeniousApplications is strictly volunteer work and you will not be paid unless implictly stated below.

FOR ALL RANKS : IN ORDER TO APPLY YOU MUST a) be willing to give us your email address and b) be willing to give us your mobile phone number (with whatsapp) for contact purposes. We assure you that these information will not be revealed to the public. An interview will be conducted either through discord or whatsapp. (Most interviews will be text-based, but for some roles, a voice interview is required.)

Partnership Manager

Requirements :

- Have prior experience to handling partnerships

- Is willing to help with the documentation for all partnerships and recording our partnered organization.


Marketing and Sales / Customer Service Manager

Voice Interview is required for this rank

Requirements :

- Have at least 2 years of experience helping with marketing and product sales

- Is able to communicate with customers efficiently

- Is currently residing in Southeast Asia

Perks :

20% commision for all products sold to customers who are introduced to IngeniousApplications through you.

Marketing and Sales

Voice Interview is required for this rank

Requirements :

- Have prior experience helping with marketing and product sales

- Is able to communicate with customers efficiently

- Is currently residing in Southeast Asia

Perks :

10% commision for all products sold to customers who are introduced to IngeniousApplications through you.

Customer Service Staff


- Is able to communicate with customers of any sort (aggresive, polite or rude) efficiently without losing temper, offering help to any customer required.

- Is above 13 years of age

- Are able to assist customers in anything they need help with as long as it is within your scope



If you are interested in any of the ranks, send an email to [email protected] or DM XtremeCoder#9335 in discord (you have to be in the IA Server to do that, Click here to join.) , stating the rank you would like to apply for. Please also state your Real Name, Age and your mobile phone number (with whatsapp). (attach a resume if you wish :P )




[Press Release] AYS Conflicts

2019 / 01 / 23 at 07:24 UTC

Hello everyone,


Please be informed about a press release we have just made to clear our reputation.

Read it at https://tinyurl.com/y8vnjse6




New Logo

2019 / 01 / 09 at 12:14 UTC

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to Hightech_TR, we now have a new logo! (And a Favicon).

The new logos can be found here : https://bit.ly/2QzuFCA  https://bit.ly/2CfHexR

As you can see, our Favicon has been updated too.




Discord Announcements

2018 / 12 / 27 at 05:42 UTC

Greetings everyone,

Please take note that news posted here will now be posted in discord #announcements immediately from now.

Do join our discord at https://www.ingeniousapps.net/discord.




2018 / 12 / 26 at 04:43 UTC


Website Fixes

2018 / 12 / 14 at 13:11 UTC

Hello Everyone,

A couple of announcements today:

1. The twitter URL is now fixed. There was an issue with the twitter URL and is now rectified.

2. We now have Instagram. The link can be found below all the pages. For the sake of this announcement, it's here --> fhttps://www.instagram.com/ingeniousapplications/

3. Be sure to join our discord, at https://discord.gg/DTpyPXF.

4. The 404 Page's footer has been fixed.

5. The products page no longer lists all our projects. It lists the major ones. For the minor ones, it can be found at our github links (https://github.com/IngeniousCoder or https://github.com/IngeniousApplications ). However, with effect from this announcement, any new minor project will be posted as a update here, so that you all can be aware <3


An important reminder that our Terms and Conditions has been updated. Still, IngeniousApplications reserves the rights to update the term and conditions as we see fit without prior notice.

Thats all for today,


HTTPS Support

2018 / 12 / 11 at 07:30 UTC

Hello Everyone,

We've had a couple of questions on why our website does not support https. Now, let me answer you :

1. We have just started and do not have enough funds. To support https, we require cash to purchase the SSL Certificates. As such, we decided against the idea for now, although we do have plans to support HTTPS soon.

2. If you realised, we are yet to have any account-based systems. Much as we plan to do IAccount, the reason why IAccount was not released yet is because we are unable to securely receive the passwords.

So what can I do now?

For now, this website is just intended to showcast our projects. No data of yours is at risk (since you are not sending any information to us yet). Fear not, all your data is safely protected.

If you would like to help us, you can visit <a href="https://patreon.com/eltontay11">this link</a> to donate to us. Do take note this service is not provided by IngeniousApplications, and as such, all privacy protections will be subject to Patreon's Terms and Conditions.


Thank You once again,


It is ready!

2018 / 12 / 06 at 02:08 UTC

Hello Everyone,




Some quick announcements todo ;

  1. The product page lists all of our existing applications. We are yet to list the applications that are coming soon, however, you can see a list of coming soon stuff in the bottom of the home page.

  2. We are looking for suggestions on what apps we can do. We are currently focusing on web development and would like ideas for applications. 

  3. We welcome all pull requests to our repositories. Most of our stuff are open source, so you can contribute through there.

  4. Follow our Twitter at https://twitter.com/ingneiousapps for the quickest updates!

  5. Join our discord server to suggest new features and stuff! The link is https://discord.gg/KeHs5J8

  6. If you want and you can, please be sure to sponsor us some money! The money you give will be used to offset game server costs in future (yes, we are planning multiplayer games) and host costs (such as the website). Currently, donations do not gain you any perks, but we are planning donator exclusive apps and features soon. To donate, go to https://patreon.com/eltontay11 


Until then,




Hello World!

2018 / 11 / 30 at 08:16 UTC

It’s a reality!

After 3+ Months of planning, this website is now a reality! Now the internet can finally know about us, IngeniousApplications.

IngeniousApps was started in about August 2018 by two Programmer-Gamers : yangamer567, and XtremeCoder. We aim to create as many apps as possible which can benefit the society.

With the start of this organisation, we placed some apps that XtremeCoder made before as part of IngeniousApps. Then, we now work on corporate projects to be placed in our websites officially.

Well, we’re still starting, and here are some plans of ours that are yet to become a reality :
-> A Minecraft Server
-> SGNextBus
-> TeamSG Website
-> clash.py
-> Couple of games
(A list can be found at our home page).

With this, we have afforded a Server to host all our stuff, our game servers, websites, and almost everything basically. So now, let’s develop the site!

This website is still work-in-progress. A new update will be posted after the completion.

Now, feel free to explore our website (some pages are not done yet tho), and if you want, invest some money for us to offset our operating costs and stuff, follow us on Twitter, and anything you can to help support us monetarily, emotionally, or anything! Enjoy all our current creations (Liam, CPU Monitor and Song Downloader, links at home page, source on Github links below), and stay tuned for updates!

Check back frequently for latest updates!

- XtremeCoder

Why Choose IngeniousApps?

  • Cool and clean apps
  • Literally no lag
  • Frequently Updated
  • Quick Support