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Here are a list of jobs that we have.

Marketing and Sales

Manage Marketing and Sales for IngeniousApplications

By being a marketing and sales staff, you help to boost our sales by managing all marketing issues and help to promote our products.

  • Experience in Marketing and Sales
  • Have at least 3 months of experience with marketing, sales and/or promoting
  • Above the legal age set by your own country to own a paypal account
  • Additionally, Marketing and Sales Staff will have the following perks:
  • 10% Commission for every product sold with the help of you
  • A custom email for your use*

  • Webpage Designer

    Help us design our webpages

    By being a webpage designer, you help us design our websites (Templates, and CSS), any any projects requiring HTML and CSS. You also help to maintain it.

  • Experience with HTML and CSS

  • Graphics Designer

    Design Graphics for our apps

    By being a graphics designer, you help us manage the graphics in our games.

  • Must submit 3 of your artworks (electronic or paper).
  • Must have a clean history of plagarism. Plagarism is NOT TOLERATED IN ANY FORM.

  • Security Staff

    Attempt to penetrate our systems to ensure our security is not compromised

    By being a security staff, you help us make sure our systems are safe and have no exploits.

  • Must have 3 months of experience with ethical hacking and web penetration

  • ------------------------------------------------------
    Footnote :
    * - Until we get our branded domain ingeniousapps.net and GSuite for the organisation, you will have to use your personal email for your job first.

    All our jobs require the following basic requirements:

  • Willing to dedicate time and effort
  • Willing to do volunteer work (Unless stated, you do not get paid for any of the jobs.)
  • Willing to learn
  • Willing to work with us
  • Sense of Humour :P
  • Experience with working
  • Above 13 years old of age unless explictly stated
  • Singapore Citizen / PR / Foreigner / Long Term Pass holder that is currently residing in Singapore
  • Confortable with giving your real name
  • If you are willing to register for any job listed below, please do the following:

  • Download the job application template here.
  • Fill up the form. Please use Proper english. Applications showing weak english will immediately be denied.
  • Send the filled form along with any resumes you would like to send to [email protected].
  • We will review your application within 7 working days and reply to you with our decision. Please take note you have 3 chances to apply before you are permanantly blacklisted from working with IngeniousApplications.

    Why Choose to work with IngeniousApps?

    • Own Time Own Target
    • Something for you to keep yourself occupied when free
    • No Stress
    • Interact with other staff members!
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